Welcome to the Nursery class page. Here you will find information for home school contact, support for your child and timetables. For the latest pictures of the children , visit our closed class Twitter page – @MeithrinYPYG

Teacher profile

Name: Mrs. Smith / Mrs Wort
Class: Meithrin
Favourite subject: Cerddoriaeth
Favourite food: Chocolate 

P.E day – Wednesday

Nursery Planning for Parents Spring Term

Cyfrwch ac addurnwch yr wyau Pasg

(Count and decorate the Easter Eggs)

Cyfrwch ac addurnwch yr wyau Pasg heb rifau

(Count and decorate the Easter eggs – no numbers


This term’s theme is Amazing Animals.

The children have chosen to learn about pets and farm animals. What a great choice!

Nursery Class

Welcome to the Nursery section.